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Lisa Flynn ~ Lisa's BIOGRAPHY

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Paso Double by Lisa Flynn

'Paso Doble'


Atilla the Hen by Lisa Flynn

'Atilla the Hen'

Crystal by Lisa Flynn


Lucky by Lisa Flynn


Juniper by Lisa Flynn



Pink Burro by Lisa Flynn

'Pink Burro'

Rosa by Lisa Flynn


Bonita by Lisa Flynn



'Purple Donkey'


'La Mancha Mama'



'Buenos Dias'

Yellow Adobe by Lisa Flinn

'Yellow Adobe'



Adobe Gate by Lisa Flynn

'Adobe Wall with Gate'




San Ysidro by Lisa Flynn

'San Ysidro'


'Adobe Tower'


Hillside by Lisa Flynn

'New Mexico Hills'

'2 Story Adobe'

'Adobe with Ladder'

Adobe Portal by Lisa Flynn

'Adobe Portal'

'Pink Adobe Church'

Adobe Church Tower by Lisa Flynn

'Adobe Church Tower'


Adobe Church Tower by Jill Shwaiko

'Adobe Church Tower'


'Golden Adobe Gate'




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