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Lori DanielsMarcel Duchamp, Modrian and Klimpt have all inspired my work. Louise Nevelson is my role model. Whether due to her sense of fashion or her philosophy of art, she is the artist I most aspire to be like. Through the many years I have always been circling what I do today as a profession. I have been a graphic designer, visual merchandiser, interior designer, garden designer, antique furniture restorer and antique dealer. My talent has always been a great blessing, not to be squandered. Blessings need to be passed on. A fair amount of my art is donated to worthwhile causes.

'Zuni Rain Dancer Collages'

These unique wooden totem collages are hand painted with Lori's exclusive patented glaze. Multiple translucent layers of blues, greens, silvers, corals and sienna shimmer over vintage
tin elements and “found objects.”

This series is reminiscent of American Southwest mined turquoise and inspired by Lori's personal collection of antique Zuni inlaid bracelets from the 1920’s.

'Expressions in Tin'
'Expressions in Tin' or ‘Artwork with a Past’ refers to one-of-a-kind original pieces of art made from American antique tin, circa 1860-1900. Artist Lori Daniels selects a piece and then assembles many pieces together. She hand mixes paints, resins, and glazes and creatively applies each final work of art.

Lori earned an art degree from Bradley University in 1992 and has been an antique dealer for over thirty years; yet just collecting valuable historical items was not enough for her. She recomposes and adds color and depth to the tins, the resulting work can be described as modern bas relief sculpture. Lori says her finished work reminds her of smaller vintage fired ceramic tiles. Also evident in Lori’s work is an underlying structure, the innate tendency of nature to follow some intrinsic pattern, an unconscious universal esthetic. The tin relief sculptures are not merely decorative relics from the past. They have been reclaimed, renewed, and resurrected by Lori, who thanks the trees for inspiring her.

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