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About Indigo Gallery - Now Celebrating
19 Years!

Indigo Gallery, established in 2003, is located along the Turquoise Trail in the heart of Madrid, New Mexico. Since its inception, the gallery continues to evolve into a destination for all art lovers from New Mexico, as well as all parts of the United States, and beyond. The gallery features more than a dozen artists with a beautiful and diverse collection of paintings, sculpture, and Native American turquoise jewelry. Our visitors and collectors enjoy discovering and experiencing this wide range of artwork, whether it be a lovely turquoise pendant, a landscape painting by Kat Sawyer, a modern stylized landscape by Lanna Keller, or an endearing bronze sheep sculpture or contemporary painting by gallery owner, Jill Shwaiko.

Indigo Gallery is proud of its success and national recognition received, including a special feature of Jill Shwaiko's bronze sheep in the Annual Sculpture edition of Southwest Art Magazine. Jill's featured bronze sculpture, “Sheep and Man”, is a thought provoking piece invoking the idea of mankind's relationship with nature. Jill expresses an innate primitive quality in her art, and it is that power that evokes a feeling that resonates with all who experience it. “When I create my big horn sheep sculptures, I also try to capture a moment. I hope the pieces bring the viewer not only a visual experience, but also an emotional and spiritual one,” says Jill.

Jill's contemporary paintings of big horn sheep also convey these same emotions, as well as a bit of whimsy. Gallery visitors are instinctively drawn to her paintings. Jill's use of texture, the harmony of her palette, and the paintings' imagery itself, are all elements that work together to create a memorable experience. For example, in the newest of Jill's series, “Four in the Wind”, a painting of 4 sheep facing the wind with horns thrown back horizontally, the viewer can almost feel the wind as the group of sheep move forward together. We smile as we recognize and understand Jill's imagery of gestures used to express this concept of mother nature and remember facing such forces in our own lives. A prolific and versatile artist, Jill continues to add to her painting and bronze series each year.

Jill Shwaiko creates an environment at Indigo Gallery that supports the development and successful careers for all the gallery artists. As our visitors, both local and out-of-state, travel the Turquoise Trail, they are always delighted to discover Indigo Gallery, as it is a true treasure and gem of the New Mexico art scene. The gallery is open daily and year 'round.


INDIGO GALLERY - 2584 D. State Hwy. 14 - Madrid, New Mexico - 505-438-6202

Jill Shwaiko - Gallery Owner

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